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Joshua W. Nightingale

Product Specialist / Web Designer / Developer

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Welcome! My name is Joshua Nightingale,

This portfolio showcases who I am as an individual as well as some of my past work experiences and activities.

Over the years I have worked for many different companies and had many different interests at heart, I would like to list every company and interest to better explain who I am as a person, but to keep things simple and to the point I will only list the last 10 years and try to give a quick rundown about the type of person I am in this introduction.

In my early years I found an interest in computer programming and web design. I consider this one of my favorite hobbies as I can sit quietly writing code. Creating a web page or software so that it can to something or perform some sort of action or task is a great feeling, there is no better feeling in the world than someone complementing you on a specific code you wrote that assisted them as well.

When I am not writing some sort of code I am gaming on the PC or Xbox One. I have been a gamer since the age of 15. Gaming and learning about new technologies are just some of the things I like to do on my spare time. The most important part of my life would be my family and providing for them so they can be better than I ever was.

On a more professional note, I am very strong hearted and love helping others succeed. I enjoy working along other people but do have issues working with large crowds. I am the type of person than can work great one on one or with five or less people but I can become confused or have a feeling of being over pressured in larger crowded areas or confined spaces. I am a very hard worker and only believe in success. I will list a bit more about me further down this page as well as a .pdf document of my current DISC accessibility score for review.

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    128 Landis Ln, Green Spring, WV
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    (301) 707-0426
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    North America



  • Online Schooling
  • Kaplan University

Currently only completed 10 credits / first semister toward my bachelor’s degree in Science and Information Technology I held a GPA of 3.85 while taking my classes and I will be returning and finishing school very soon. Currently on hold due to personal reasons involving family.


  • Extended Education
  • Diploma Program

Attended the External Diploma Program in 1997 after dropping out during my junior year in high school. I have completed many hours of study including taking the ASVAB test with a high score as well as other tests to prove to the state that I deserve and have earned my high school diploma.

1993 - 1995

  • High Shool Diploma
  • Westmar High

I attended and struggled during my high school years which led to myself dropping out during my junior year. I learned a hard lesson about education being needed in the real world so I took it upon myself to go back to school and attend until I completeded all my courses to earn a high school diploma.

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My Jobs

May 2017 - Oct 2018

Product Specialist

Donaldson's Inc.
Cumberland, MD

Marketing and sourcing of new products, Warehouse work which includes packaging of products in a timely fashion so that all orders can be shipped by the end of the work day and also ensuring that all products are in inventory restocking when needed.

Feb 2009 - Mar 2017

Respit Worker

Potomac Highland Guild
Romney, WV

Providing care for a child with an autistic disability, such as bathing, getting dressed, understanding homework and other activities of daily living on a day to day bases.

Jun 2008 - Jan 2009

Customer Service Rep

Frostburg, MD

Telecommunication with Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers, providing information for the Providers insurance claims.

My Specialities

Web Development

Designing and Coding modern websites for use on all devices.

Problem Solving

Solving all problems without the assistance of others.

My Family

Nothing means more to me than my own family and I will protect and take care of them no matter what.

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I am available for hire!

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  Address: 128 Landis Ln, Green Spring, WV 26722

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